Maury County Fairest of the Fair Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

● All pageant divisions are open to residents of any county with the exception of the Miss Maury
County Fairest of the Fair division. The “Miss” competition is open only to the residents of
Maury County ages 16-21.

● “Miss” contestants must never have previously competed in the State Fairest of the Fair having
represented ANY county.

● Contestants will be judged on beauty, poise, and personality.

● Last Day to Enter (NO EXCEPTIONS) all fees (NON-REFUNDABLE):

● Any contestant found guilty of misconduct by the pageant committee or judges is subject to a
penalty. All judges’ decisions are FINAL. ALL concerns, suggestions, or complaints must be
submitted in writing for the pageant committee’s consideration.

● The Maury County Fair Association will not be held liable for any damages that may occur to a
contestant’s pageant apparel, accessories, and/or personal belongings and will not be held liable
for lost or stolen articles during the competition or competition activities. Please do not leave
valuable items in the dressing areas.

● A contestant CANNOT compete if she has been married or had a child.

● A contestant or winner will be disqualified and not be allowed to participate in the local or state
pageant if she is involved in ANY controversy or matter which would be a question of character
such as but not exclusive to truancy from school, probation and arrest for any manner if found

● Previous winners will not be eligible to compete in the same division. This does not apply to
runners-up. The only way to compete is when the contestant is age eligible for the next age

● The winner of the “Miss Fairest of the Fair” competition MUST be willing and able to attend the
State competition in Nashville as the Maury County Association representative January 2019.
The winner and chaperon will be sponsored for the State Fairest of the Fair competition by the

Maury County Fair Association. Chaperon and Contestant will be responsible for their own
transportation to the Convention and all other required events.

● The reigning “Miss Fairest of the Fair” will be required to meet with the assigned Pageant
Coach and committee prior to going to Nashville to the State Competition. The Pageant Coach(s)
and committee will approve all wardrobe, hair, and makeup for competition at their discretion.
failure to meet this obligation will result in relinquishing the crown to the first runner-up.

● It will be the responsibility of reigning Fairest to obtain any extra pageantry coaching aside
what the directors are offering for the State Convention.

● The newly crowned “Fairest of the Fair” each year becomes a representative of the Maury
County Fair Association. Therefore, the reigning queen shall remain nonpartisan while wearing
her crown or sash on the fairgrounds and not become an advertisement for commercial or
political gain.

● The reigning “Fairest of the Fair “ will be required to attend certain events at the Maury County
Fair and the community throughout her reign, as deemed necessary by the Pageant Coach,
pageant committee and Maury Co. Fair Board. Appropriate attire and appearance will be
expected with crown and sash to be worn at all events, as she represents the Maury County Fair
Association. Fairest of the Fair contestants will be required to sign a contract at the mandatory
rehearsal agreeing to the event attendance requirement and community service hours.

● One adult only will be permitted with the contestant in the dressing room at all times. One
parent will be allowed backstage for ages 7 and under (if necessary). Parents must keep their
guest pass on you at all times to be allowed in dressing rooms. NO MEN ALLOWED IN THE

● MISS Maury County Fairest of the Fair will not compete in any other pageants or hold any other
titles unless deemed by the Maury County Fairest of the Fair directors.

● Miss contestants will have interview portion of the competition. If you win you will be required
to have an interview at the state competition. We want you to be prepared and know what you
to expect.

● Judges for the pageant do not acknowledge contestants until pageant interviews or judging
time and are are completely unbiased. Any contestant related to a fair board member will be
eligible for competing and are treated as an equal contestant with no knowledge of current
pageant details until released to the public. All registrations and requirements must be met as

● Your child’s image may be used in promotional media including television, website, printed
material, social media, and other venues all of our contestants are cherished and make a
difference therefore everyone is included.

● All decisions made by the judges are final. No changes are allowed and judges’ area is off limits
to pageant attendees. Points and/or disqualification may result if hovering over judges and poor
sportsmanship behaviors are witnessed by pageant staff. No refund will be given.

● Glitz style movements and motions are not appropriate. Contestants over the age of 3 waving,
dancing, or blowing kisses will result in deduction. The amount of points is the judge’s

● Miss Fairest of the Fair will be in the Maury Co, Christmas parade and the Mule Day parade as
Miss Maury County Fairest of the Fair. Make sure you are accountable for those days

● Every effort will be made to follow our set schedule. All contestants are expected to be on time

● We will host a practice for contestants under 16 at 0:00pm till 0:00 pm. Jr. Teen and Teen Miss
contestants will practice introductions.

● MANDATORY REHEARSAL and MANDATORY ORIENTATION for Miss contestants will begin at
0:00pm. We will go over interview(what to expect) Interview times, dress rehearsal,
expectations, and contract at this time.

● Jr. Teen, Teen, and Miss will have an on stage introduction. This introduction should be no
longer that 45 seconds. (sample) Good Evening! My name is ________________and I am your
contestant #_____. Thank you!

● Please keep up with events and information on the Maury County Fair and Exposition Facebook