Demolition Derby

Demolition Derby 2017

Demolition Derby
Wednesday, August 30, 2017
6:30 pm

1. Car inspection will end at 6:15 pm. If car has not passed inspection, it will not run.
2. Drivers’ meeting at 6:30 pm.
3. PowerWheel derby for kids will begin at 6:45 pm. Top 5 will receive medal. Top 3 will get a carnival ride armband.
4. Purses are:
First Place = $1,200 + trophy
Second Place = $750 + trophy
Third Place = $350 + trophy

Click here for detailed Maury County Fair Demo Derby Rules

Maury County Fair Demo Derby Rules Vehicle Requirements: Aug 30th at 6:30    REVISED 8/23/17

1. Entries are limited to full size cars or station wagons. No trucks, vans, Imperials, Imperial sub frame exchange, or other vehicles are allowed. For the purpose of these rules, any mention of cars also applies to station wagons.

2. Car inspection will start at 3:00PM. Inspection times will be appointed upon arrival and once in the pit area no alterations to the vehicle will be allowed. Violations of missing appointed inspection time or making alterations after inspection without the permission of Derby Judge will result in disqualification. Drivers must be present to sign release form.

3. For the safety of all participants, vehicle bodies MUST REMAIN IN STOCK CONDITION (As built by the manufacture). Engines of equal size may be substituted – no electric fans

4. All doors seams can be welded using one 2" X 12" 1/8"sheet steel; thickness of the sheet cannot exceed the thickness of vehicle body panel. Door may be welded shut using a maximum of 12 inches of welding. Max width is metal/strapping is 2 wide. Example of use of strapping 1 piece=2x12,or 2pieces=2x6, or 3pieces=2x4Welds to be located at the door latch location. One 24" long piece of chain per door may be used in place of welding.

5. Hood and trunk must be open during inspection, the hood and trunk must be secured with a total of eight bolts four 1" all tread maximum (4 in the trunk & 4in the hood). Note: retaining washers will not exceed 4" inches in diameter and 1/8th inch in thickness. The forward two bolts in the hood and the aft two bolts in the trunk should extend to a solid portion of the frame. A 12" inch piece of 3/8" chain may be substituted for fore and aft bolts--two for the hood and two for the trunk. No wire is allowed. Remaining bolts must secure only to adjacent fenders.

6. A ten-inch diameter hole must be cut into hood to provide access for fire protection.

7. For drivers safety, optional cages may be installed. Cages or exterior door bars will be allowed, but not both. If used, cage structure must by 2 by 4 square, 4 inch round or metal of similar size. Roll bars may be interior or exterior built , but can not give any added support to vehicle in any way except for safety reasons. A T-Bar from rear seat bar to roof, welded at the seat bar and bolted to the roof is recommended. There must be 8 inches clearance from the front bar of the cage to the firewall. If used, door bars may not extend more than 8 inches past the "front door" jam seam (both front and rear) and must be mounted in the center of the door panel. Padding may be added as needed for driver safety. Driver’s Door Impacts Will Not Be Tolerated. Two strikes you’re out.

8. Cars not equipped with roll cages must have a bar/plate of 1" X 6" steel bolted across the outside of the driver door and is recommended for the front passenger door; the bar/plate may not extend more than eight inches past the front or rear of the door. Door bars or roll cages are allowed, but not both.. Six inches of padding should be added to the inside of the driver’s door. Driver’s Door Impacts Will Not Be Tolerated. Two strikes you’re out.

9. ALL Glass; Chrome; and Tail and Head Light assemblies must be removed.

10. Bumpers must be in their stock position and will be measured for height at the strong part of the bumper. The bumper height may be no greater than 24" inches tall and no lower than 18" inches. For purpose of these rules "strong part of the bumper" is where the bolts go through to attach the bumper to the car. Bumper must stay in upright position. It is mandatory that a hole be drilled into the gas chamber of gas shocks to relieve pressure. Bumper shocks may be collapsed and welded. Bumper shock flange is the flat surface that attaches the bumper to the bumper shock. The bumper shock flange may be welded to the end of the frame and single pass only (the very end NOT the side of the frame) --- no welding of bumper directly to the frame, bumper must be bolted on not welded on. No more than 4 per side ½ dia max of bolt to attach bumper to flange. Shock flange must be used to attach bumper to car.

11. No bumper hitches or supporting framework will be allowed.

12. No chains allowed around bumper to retain bumper or hood.

13. Pitching is allowed but only by cutting/ slicing the factory tabs and then re-welding with a single pass of weld only. Excessive welding will get you disqualified!!!

14. No hub caps or valve-stem protectors allowed.

15. Drivers must wear an ANSI/DOT approved crash helmet with full face protection provided or approved eye protection.

16. Cars may have up to two (2) 1" steel rods or equivalent size tubing extending from the top of the roof panel to the cowl/firewall for driver protection.

17. Cars may be raised only by shock clamps or coil spring risers.

18. Universal joints may only be shielded with adhesive tape wrapped around the driveshaft and joint. May run aftermarket driveshafts (sliders)

19. Gas tank must be removed and replaced with an outboard motor tank (or equivalent) to be located in the rear of the driver’s compartment. The tank may contain no more than six gallons of fuel, and must be secured in place and covered with a rubber mat in case of leakage.

20. Radiators may have a maximum of two (2) Nylon ratchet straps to help secure. No Spray Foam Insulation will be allowed to secure radiator assembly in place. Radiators must have rubber bushings underneath. May run radiators with trans coolers or may run a trans cooler inside your car but must be safe and secured or you will not be allowed to run it.

21. Any type tire. No snow/traction studs installed. Air in tires only, no solid tires or flat proof

22. Cars must have a large number painted on each front door. In case of duplicate numbers, judges will assign a new number which must be painted on each door. Sponsor names and other decorations may be printed anywhere except on the front door. No obscene or off color decoration will be allowed. A safely attached 1 foot by 2 foot sheet metal plate with car number or sponsor may be mounted on the top center of the car. Derby officials will inspect and approve mounting for safety.

23. The battery must be relocated to the front passenger compartment and secured to prevent spillage or tipping over, and must have a rubber or plastic cover.

24. The driver’s seat must have a minimum two-point seat belt/harness, which must be used whenever the car and driver are on the track . Backseats and other items must be removed from the car interior, and additional padding may be added for driver safety.

25. No welding (other than what is specifically stated) will be allowed. No fluids of any kind -- transmission, water etc. -- will be allowed with the driver. If the frame of the car has been beefed up, added to, or strengthened in any manner the car will be disqualified from running and the entry fee will be forfeited.

26. No removal of OEM suspension----OEM body bushings. If it does not state it in the rules, DO NOT consider the alteration legal without calling and asking first.

27. Gears in rear ends may and should be welded for positive traction. May have a brace on it but only across the axle tubes.

28. One piece of chain ½" (maximum link diameter) x 12" maximum length, may be added to secure engine to frame at both motor mounts (one chain per side). Cradles are allowed, but no cradles and chains.

29. No sharp corners on bumpers, must be factory. Nothing unsafe (in the opinion of derby officials) will be allowed on the track.

30. Cars found to be in violation of any of these rules may be corrected and presented again for inspection prior to the beginning of the first heat. Failure to make required corrections by this time (unless authorized by the judges) will result in disqualification and entry fee will be forfeited.

31. IMPORTANT—once a car has been inspected and allowed into the pit area nothing else may be altered on the car. Anyone caught adding any reinforcement will be disqualified and entry fee will be forfeited.

32. Prize money for winning cars will be awarded only after final inspection of said vehicles. Any violation of vehicle requirements will mean immediate disqualification and remaining vehicles will move up one place in the final standings.

33. Any disqualification of an entry for a violation of these rules will result in a forfeiture of the car's entry fee. Every car will be inspected to these rules. They are set and no changing them this year. 03 and up fords will not be allowed cradle swaps. Must stay oem!

Purses are:
First Place = $1,200 + trophy
Second Place = $750 + trophy
Third Place = $350 + trophy