Musical Announcement! Fair 2018 Musical Lineup

August 28th

5PM-7PM Rob Higginbotham

7PM-9PM Dylan with a Why


August 29th

5PM-7PM Mike Peters/Jennifer Leigh

7PM-9PM Mercury Red


August 30th

5PM-7PM Tim Turner

7PM-9PM Brinn Black


August 31st

2PM-4PM Jim & Don

4PM-6PM Brenda Lynn Allen

6-PM-9PM Makky Kaylor


September 1st

2-3:00 – Meredith Joi
5-6 – Dustin Martin
6:15- 8:15 – Damien Boggs and The Proper Villains
8:30-10 2Steel Girls

2018 Fair Announcement: The Durham Family Clydesdales!

The Durham family Clydesdales, McEwen Tenn.

16 of these gentle giants, 1 stallion, 9 geldings , 5 mares, and 1 colt. They will bring 8 geldings to the Columbia fair, Duke, which won the Canadian Nationals in 2014 and 2015 in the lead , Pedro, from Anheuser Bush St Louis Missouri who has been in several super Bowl commercials and traveled world wide as the Budweiser meet and greet horse.

Also from Anheuser Bush will be Preston also in several Super Bowl commercials and in their famous 8 horse hitch 112 times before moving to Tennessee.

Then we have Jake and Carson from Kewanee, Wisconsin. They have competed very well throughout the northern states and We will also have Nick, from Pennsylvania and Champ both 4 year olds. Finally we will have Bill from Rhode Island our oldest at 13 and the tallest Clydesdale in the south.

We will have our beautiful red and white hitch wagon and our Wells Fargo stage coach. These horses are found in the United States, Canada, England, Scotland,and Australia. They have been on the endangered species list since the 1960’s. There were as few as 80 in the world in 1970 and now around 5000. Come and see the gentlest species of horses on the planet

Music Announcement: Makky Kaylor and the Swanky South Players!

Maury County Fair is happy to announce Makky Kaylor and the Swanky South Players will be one of our musical guests for 2018!

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The Southland’s Soulful Crooner & Award-Winning Writer

Beale Street brewed. Music Row crafted. The Southland’s Soulful Crooner and Award-Winning Writer Makky Kaylor and his illustrious band of legends The Swanky South Players are a top shelf blend of Makky’s original and repurposed vintage upscale country-jazz with a splash of Makky’s authentic Memphis soul.

“Makky Kaylor and The Swanky South Players… ‘Refreshing as mint juleps on Derby Day and ‘soulful as magnolias in the moonlight! Bravo!”
-Department of TN Tourism

Makky’s Illustrious Band
‘The Swanky South Players’
2017 Grammy-Winning Guitarist Andy Reiss (The Time Jumpers)
Legendary Keyboardist/Music Director Mark T. Jordan (Bonnie Raitt, Van Morrison, Lyle Lovett, Wynonna, Lee Roy Parnell)
Music veterans Bassist “Dandy Don” Johnson (Jonell Mosser, Maura O’Connell), Drummer “The Joymaker” Wesley Pryor (Mark Chestnutt, Baillie and the Boys) and trumpeter Scott Ducaj (Delbert McClinton, Lynyrd Skynyrd) round out The Swanky South Players.

Every Makky Kaylor and The Swanky South Players’ show is a soiree celebrating the glorious Southland with swanky style and southern soul!
Come be part of the celebration!

My Day At the Fair 2018

My Day At the Fair  will be held on Thursday August 30 2018 at Maury County Park. The event will start at 10 AM. And the rides will be open from 10 AM-noon with lunch to follow.

This event is open to all Special Needs children in our community. Each Special Needs child will receive a My Day tee shirt, admission to fair, rides at the fair and lunch at no cost to the child. We will also have some special attractions for the children.

Busses have been arranged to bring the children that are in school. The schools will coordinate the children that will attend. Homeschoolers can contact Ray Turner at to sign up your child. When signing up please give me the child’s name and what size shirt they wear. The cutoff date to make sure we have the correct size shirt is August 10th.

Volunteers are needed to serve food, pass out water and cheer on the children.


Anyone wishing to help sponsor this event can contact


Some of sponsors from 2017:

Knights of Columbus

Columbia Elks Lodge

Kissel Entertainment

Maury Regional Hospital

United Way of Maury County

Columbia Academy Best Buddies

Maury County Sheriff Dept.

Family Advantage Credit Union

ListerHill Credit Union

Maury County Parks

Mandy McClaren

Pappy’s Porch

McDonalds of Columbia, Spring Hill & Mount Pleasant

Sams Club




These rules is what your allowed to do, anything else must be oem as built by the manufacture.
Only 50% of your car can be painted black! NO ALL BLACK CARS!!!!

1.ANY American made Passenger car or station wagon. No trucks, Imperials, jeeps, hearses, limousines.
2. Sedagons are NOT allowed.
3. All glass, side windows, rear windows, headlights and taillights, must be removed before reaching inspection. Rolling down windows is not permitted.
4. All interior seating,
5. Cars must have a seatbelt and working brakes. MANDATORY
6. Battery must be securely fastened and covered in passenger compartment. TWO
7. Front Windshield Bar is MANDATORY and is limited to a 2” wide x ¼” thick strap, chain, 9 wire loop, 2×2 angle. this can be
attached to roof sheet metal and firewall or dash bar.
8. cars must have atleast a backseat bar to run but 4 point cage is prefered.

1. Stock gas tank MUST be removed from original position, All tanks must have a secure cap. A marine tank or fuel cell is strongly
recommended. all lines and fitting must be leak proof and meet approval of the track officials. Electric fuel pumps are allowed
2. All lines must be run inside car, not along the frame underneath.

1. Radiator must be in stock position
2. Any automotive type radiator can be used. Aluminum Radiators are LEGAL.
3. No homemade radiators allowed
4. No reserve tanks and no added cooling capacity.
5. One electric fan, mounted to the radiator, may be used.
6. DO NOT MOVE CORE SUPORT if core support is moved you will get loaded!
7. Factory condenser or 32” wide by 1/4″ thick mesh radiator protector
8. may run 1 inch all thread in 2 spots through core support to factory core support mount in the frame.

1. No body seams may be welded. No metal may be added.
2. No doubling of body panels allowed, no added metal allowed.
4. Fenders may be bolted together. Max of 10- 3/8” BOLTS ABOVE THE FENDER WELL.
5. Doors may be chained, wired, or welded. on the car body. When welding doors 6in on 6in off all the way around
7. No creasing, welding, doubling of transmission tunnel… if you touch it you will cut it out

1. Drivers Door can be welded SOLID and may have a door plate on outside
2. Passenger door must be welded 6 inches on 6 off. May have a door plate on the inside of door

1. A-Arms are allowed to be welded down by using 2 pieces of 2”x2” x 1/4” per arm (1 front & 1 Rear)
2.If you weld anywhere else on A-arm, or use bigger strap than allowed….you will cut it all off and run working suspension or load your car up!
2. Spring spacers are allowed
3. Tie rods must have factory appearing ends, No heims! You may brace the center tube with angle or
pipe. Aftermarket is fine but must have a factory type end!
4. Factory spindle swaps are ok, ford to Chevy etc. GM factory lift spindles are ok (No fabricated spindles or aftermarket hubs)
5. You may Replacement ball joints, screw in or aftermarket are ok
6. You may change A-arms from new style to old style A-arms. Must bolt in factory
7. NO All-Thread Shocks(rear suspension see Rear End section below)

1. Hoods must have two (2) holes, at least four (4) inches in diameter on each side of the carburetor. Not directly on top of the carburetor. If the hood is removed, either the fan or fan belt must be removed.
2. Hoods may be secured by 2 pieces of 1” all thread outboard the radiator. Cannot be sleeved. * Meaning spacer/square tube stops at bottom side of core support*
3. You may have up to 10 (3/8”) bolts to hold the inner and outer hood skins together.
4. Hoods can be held shut with “one” of the following options,
A (8) LOCATIONS 2” long pieces of 2” x 2” angle with a single 3/8” bolt thru them
B (8) Locations 3/4″ diameter max bolts going through hood into inner fender with 2”x2” max washer

1. You can weld trunks 6 on 6 off like the doors with max 4” wide by ¼ thick
2. You may crease the trunk and quarter panels, and rear pillar.
3. You can have up to 2- 1” pieces of threaded rod through your trunk to frame.

1. All cars must have a safety cage and roll over bar. (can be in the doors)
2. A 4-point cage is recommended
3. Cage can be made out of 4” pipe, 4” square tubing, or 6”x2” box tube MAX.
* Your cage must have a dash bar (4” off firewall minimum) * Bar behind driver’s seat
* 2 side bars connecting your dash bar to your seat bar. (one per side) Cannot extend past wheel well tubs or firewall.* These are the minimum requirements;
your cage is for your safety… not to strengthen the car. NO part of your cage can be a kicker to the frame or any driveline component. 4” gap required.
4. Roll over bar cannot be more than 6” behind driver’s seat. Roll over bar can NOT attach to frame.
*Weld or Bolt it to sheet metal only. A 6” x 6” plate may be used in aiding it to be attached to floor sheet metal. Roll over bar can be bolted to roof
5. The cage can be welded to sheet metal only. You can have up to four (4) down posts, two (2) per side.
6. All down tubes must be at or behind the dash bar, straight up and down. Welded to sheet metal only.
7. Gas tank protectors are intended for protecting your fuel cell and nothing more…. If it reinforces your car you will be required to change it.
MUST BE A 2″ GAP BETWEEN GAS TANK MOUNT AND PACKAGE TRAY and must be 1” off the floor.
8. You may weld or bolt your roll over bar to the roof in 3 places.

1. No welding, plating, or reinforcing of the frame.
2. All factory frame holes must be left open.
3. Any reinforcing of frame found will result in disqualification. NO Fixing Allowed…You Will Be LOADED!
4. Sub frame cars cannot be tied together. If you want to run a full frame car, buy a full frame car, don’t build one.
6. aftermarket steering columns are ok
7. Rear frame rails may not be shortened.
8. NO Frame shaping
9. Tilting is allowed

1. Bumpers maybe loaded. Everything inside factory envelope of the bumper.
2. Bumpers may be hardnosed or weld a factory shock to frame and bumper.
3.Bumpers can be no higher than 26” from the ground to the top of the bumper or lower than 14” from the ground to the bottom of the bumper.

1. Any engine or transmission may be used in any car, but must be mounted within 6” of the original motor. Engine cannot protrude into the passenger compartment before the race.
2. ENGINE CRADLES ALLOWED (front plate and lower cradle)
3 No Mid Plates, No Halos behind carburetor, No Distributor Protectors, No Fabricated Fan) BOP adapters are ok if they meet the size requirement
of less than 1” above bell housing bolt pattern. (no spacer or adapters taller than 1” above the bell housing bolt pattern)
4. Aftermarket Motor Mounts are legal, NO Horizontal Bar Mounts Must have rubber, poly, spool type mount
5. Transmission oil coolers and engine oil coolers are permitted..
6. Pulley protectors are allowed, but sway bar must remain stock do not weld or change the mount, you will remove the sway bar completely.
7. Factory aluminum engine cradles in 2003 and newer cars may NOT be changed. No homemade cradles.
8. HOMEMADE Gas Pedals and Shifters Are allowed, but may not reinforce the car in anyway.
9. Trans brace is allowed but must run a factory OEM rubber mount for that car. if you crease the firewall or trans tunnel you will remove it,
if the trans brace is touching the cross member you will loose the brace or loose the cross member. trans brace is to protect trans do not use as a kicker or put under pressure or brace car, you will loose the rule completely if you do not follow this rule. DONT push this rule! It’s to protect trans nothing else.
10. May weld a piece of 3x3x6 angle to frame to aid in attaching cross member.
11. Transmission modifications -Steel bells and steel tails are ok

1. Any automotive rear end 5-8 lug
2. Slider drive shaft is permitted.
3. You may have five (5) spring clamps per spring. Maximum 1″ wide 1/4 thick
4. ZTR style brackets are legal, but must use factory trailing arms to mount rear end. If bolted through
package tray, sheet metal must be cut around washer. (so it isn’t adding a body mount)
5. If you shorten the trailing arms. Minimum overlap and weld. No doubling or reinforced trailing arms.
6. You may chain or wire your axle to the frame hump. (2 CHAIN LINKS WELDED TO FRAME MAX) *NO OPENING CHAIN LINKS TO GAIN LENGTH*
7. Rear leaf springs must remain factory thickness and width per leaf
* 5 clamps total per pack ( can be homemade 1” wide ¼” strap.
8. Coil springs maybe doubled or swap fronts to rear or vice versa.

1. Any Tires black and round.
2. No wheel modifications on the outside of the wheel. When viewing from the stands it must appear as a stock wheel. All mods must be on the brake drum or axle side of the rim. I.E beadlocks or weld in centers
3. NO valve stem protectors. (drill it on back side of the rim)

Pre-Ran additional rules. a pre run may be patched with up to 4 4x4x1/4 plate not touching each other but i must be able to tell its a bend in the frame if not you will cut the plate off.
If it doesn’t say you can do it, don’t assume that you can.
ASK first or don’t do it!
Everybody needs to read and re-read these rules.
If you are found to be over built for these rules, you will be given 2 options.

Either way you will NOT RECEIVE A REFUND.